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Journey to Achieve is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide resources and opportunities to families in need within the U.S and Latin America.

Our History

Our founder, Juan, grew up being one of the children we hope to positively impact. He recalls all of the small acts of kindness that furthered him along his journey…


Juan Toscano-Anderson

Juan grew up as a child in Oakland and understands that no deed is too small in order to have a positive impact on a child. He recalls all of the small acts of kindness that furthered him along his journey, and is grateful to be in a position where he can now give back to the community that groomed him to be the man he is today.

Our Work


We prioritize the future of the youth and understand that, sometimes, all a child needs are the resources in order to succeed. We aim to be that resource in children’s lives that helps them achieve their goals and manifest their dreams. We are firm believers in “no deed is too small”- our founder emphasizes the importance of building relationships and takes on the role of “Big Brother” for those who need mentorship or guidance.


As an adult, you remember the moments where happiness thrived amongst your family and we want to help facilitate those moments. Holidays can be a stressful time for parents. Food drives for Thanksgiving and adopting families for Christmas are just some of the acts we believe can bring families together.


Our founder has strong ties to communities beyond the U.S. borders. For this reason, we focus a portion of our efforts on groups in need within Latin America as well. Whether it is a shoe drive, toy drive or basketball camp, we are always looking for ways to enhance the childhood of those who need it most.

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